Playing sites

Minamisenri Crystal Hotel

Minamisenri Crystal Hotel

New location! The main playing site will be at the Minamisenri Crystal Hotel. It is located in the northern part of the city and directly next to the Hankyu Minami-senri Station.


A few events will be held at the Kansai-Kiin ( where most of the professionals of the Go camp are from. Its location is very central and is reachable by the underground within 30 minutes from the hotels.

Kansai-Kiin Kansai-Kiin Kansai-Kiin


Minamisenri Crystal Hotel

The Minamisenri Crystal Hotel offers a range of room options. Please see price for more details.


By plane

Most international flights arrive at Kansai International Airport (KIX) (関西国際空港).

- Take Nankai Airport Line (南海空港線) to Tenkachaya (天下茶屋). (970 JPY, 54 min)
- Change to Sakaisuji Metro Line (堺筋線) to Minamisenri (南千里). (530 JPY, 35 min)

Some short-distance flights arrive at Osaka (Itami) International Airport (ITM) (伊丹空港).

Option 1
- From Osaka Airport take Osaka Monorail to Yamada Station (山田駅). (380 JPY, 23 min)
- Change to Hankyu Line (阪急電車) to Minamisenri (南千里). (170 JPY, 2 min)

Option 2
- Take a taxi to Minamisenri Crystal Hotel. (around 3500 JPY, 20 min)

By Shinkansen

Shinkansen trains arrive at Shin-Osaka Station (新大阪駅).
- take Midosuji Line (御堂筋線) to Nishinakajima-Minamigata Station (西中島南方駅). (190 JPY, 1 min) - Change to Hankyu-Kyoto Line (阪急京都線) to Minamisenri (南千里). (200 JPY, 18 min)